Arhead Wiki

Quick start

This page summarizes all the essentials you will need to know to start with Arhead. Here you can find all best practices and tips to start build your Metaverse worlds


World is a metaverse space where people are interact. Space is a single project which could include content and can be designed to provide a variety of engagement mechanics and activities. All worlds are browser based.


Arhead Content Item is 
a unique Phygital format to store, show and share content across the physical and digital world. It means that each content can be represented both in AR (augmented reality) and as a digital asset inside the metaverse space. ACI is a web-based solution and does not require any additional applications to see it.


Avatars is a digital representation of how people will look in the Metaverse and powerful tool to boost audience engagement. Platform allows to upload and use custom avatars for Worlds.


Arhead has instruments to host unique rooms for events, manage participants and customize every aspects to bring good expirience in the Metaverse Worlds.